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Vladimir Alvarado Costa Rica tours

My name is Vladimir Alvarado, I have always been curious about nature ever since I was a little boy growing up along a river in Curridabat, San Jose. With an explorer spirit, as soon as I learned how to read, I enjoyed finding out the names of plants and animals surrounding my path.
Growing up I studied nature and habitats of the same plants and animals I loved discovering as a kid. I took many courses at the university and I was fascinated to learn even more about Costa Rica’s biology and biodiversity compared to rest of the world.
With the size of West Virginia state, it has been discovered in Costa Rica, more than 750 bird species and 450 animal species; not counting the vast variety of flora and spectacular landscapes scattered in such small country.
I thrive for exotic and extreme activities such as white-water rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping, as well as I enjoy any connection with nature on an exploration hike. And how about feeling the peacefulness and greatness of our beautiful ocean waters while admiring dolphins and whales in the gulf of Nicoya or in the south pacific at the Osa peninsula as well as catching a wave in a kayak or a surfboard as another way to get a wonderful natural high for trying something new.
I enjoy sharing the serenity of the jungle; watching and listening to the birds and animals that live in our mountains, valleys, oceans and rivers. I enjoy young children as much as the older generation, as I help them discover all the natural marvels of Costa Rica.
Many clients, friends and I consider myself, to be a respectful person that understands the importance of discretion and confidentiality concerning personal matters and individual needs. Therefore, you can be sure to be in the best hands enjoying Costa Rica’s nature with someone who loves what it does for living as I do.
Keep calm and pura vida!