Kayak Tours

Kayak Tour in Jaco Costa Rica

Kayaking is another way to enjoy the warm waters of our Central Pacific ocean, while admiring the beautiful scenery of a coast rich in vegetation.
You will be picked up at your Hotel accommodations around 7am and take you to Playa Agujas, a beautiful beach located at 25 minutes North from Jaco where you will have your guide waiting with your equipment ready to go kayaking.
You will start paddling towards Limoncito, which is nearby beach that has a smaller waterfall that people really enjoy. If the waters are clear, we will provide you snorkeling gear so that you can explore this lovely ocean spot. Here you will find a variety of fish typically named as Lora, Cuatro Colas, Pez Agujas and you could also have the chance to see octopuses, lobsters, seahorses, etc.
We know that any activity in the water incites a big appetite therefore, after relishing ocean nature for some time, your guide will provide you with some fresh fruit, snacks, ham-cheese sandwiches, drinks, and water. After snacking, we go visit Playa Mantas and Playa Blanca, which are other popular beach spots known for their beautiful white sand and from here, we head back to Playa Agujas.
The tour last about 4 hours of stunning nature encounter. Along the way, you will see a gorgeous landscape from the ocean with cliffs, trees as the Indio Desnudo, Almendro, Balsa, Cedro, etc. and most likely in the morning, Scarlet Macaws.










per person

1 person

Transportation, bilingual guide, kayak, paddle, life jackets, sandwich, snacks, juice and water.

7:00 am

4 hours

Comfortable clothing, bathing suit, sun block,  sunglasses, towel, sandals, hat. 

Transportation is provided in Jaco, Herradura and Hermosa area for free. 

Contact us for a pick up quote at different locations.